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Latest work (in progress)

Music Video

FantasyCumTrue - Kinder der Straße (originally performed by NGEE)


Digital Filmmaking

2008 - 2011 Graduated with honours at SAE Institute Amsterdam

 - Bachelor Degree in the Digital Filmmaking Arts

10 Years Professional Experience


Bachelor of Arts

Educated in all Digital Filmmaking principles incl. Capture, Montage, Post-production and storytelling.


Still & Motion

Experiences in Digital (motion) Graphics Design using Photoshop, AfterEffects, Cinema4D etc.


Marketing & Design

Proven trackrecord in communication and (media) marketing, incl. design using InDesign, Illustrator etc.

Always poke the bear

I always aim to find an element in my assignments that has the potential to drive positive change. By offering a platform for less conventional messages, telling stories that have been underexposed. Or by bringing that bit of entertainment needed to get through the day.

International Broadcast


From my first job working as Operations Coordinator for the nighttime television network X-MO. To my more recent experience as Broadcast Producer Nickelodeon and Nick JR. at VIACOM. The past decade has been full of broadcasting challenges and successes.

Unique Designs

Sometimes I get these images in my head that need to become tangible. The result is a wide range of graphic designs unique and distinctively Maximiliaan.

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Visual designs.


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